What time of day do you like to shoot?

7am-10am and 3pm-8pm are the best times of the day to take photos outdoors depending on what time of the year it is. If we are in the studio, any time that works for both our schedules!

What is your turnaround time?

Maximum of 3 weeks, although it's usually about a week

What's the difference between retouched and un-retouched photos?

I now let you choose whether or not you want retouching in your photos! Skin retouching involves dodge and burn, blemish removal, smoothing etc. I also offer a full retouching experience with object removal, fly aways, fabric softening, background clean up, etc. Un-retouched photos are still color graded, but there will be no skin smoothing, object removal, clean-up.

Will you give me all the images or RAWs?

Very short answer, no. Longer answer, you can purchase extra images from me and can even purchase the RAW files, but I will not hand over any unedited jpegs or RAWs.

Do I need a commercial license?

Simply, if you are using these photos for web, social, or print marketing (to bring in income) then you need to purchase a commercial license, which are included in my brand packages. Why? Usage licensing is complicated, but ultimately comes down to the rights of all parties. As the photographer, I own the intellectual property of every image and it's important to properly compensate for commercial usage.

How do I access my photos?

I use Pixieset to deliver an online gallery to you where you can download individual photos or the whole album in high resolution and web size versions. You have full printing rights to all your photos as well.

What should I expect working with you?

Lots of laughs, lots of hyping up, and lots of fun! I love to capture the genuine side of you, no matter how awkward you may tell me you are in front of the camera.

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes, I do! Ask about my travel fees :)